Software development with exceptional speed to market

SOLARC creates powerful custom software products that help our clients innovate and grow.

We work with

Market & Customer Research & Validation
Building the right software in the right way for the right customer is crucial. SOLARC provides the research & validation expertise required to do just that.
Web & Desktop Applications
SOLARC designs & builds custom web & desktop applications that are simple and intuitive to use. We take complex problems and create simple solutions.
eCommerce & Payments
SOLARC offers custom built E-commerce systems which integrate with your existing infrastructure and a variety of payment providers, including Stripe and Payment Express.
Mobile Applications
SOLARC develops mobile solutions for both Android and iOS. Beautiful, functional, easy to use and built with security at their core.
Software Security
OWASP best practices are engineered into SOLARCs software architecture. Data is always securely stored and handled.
Responsive & Mobile Optimized Websites
SOLARC creates websites that display beautifully on all screen sizes. Websites are fast, easy to navigate, SEO friendly and well designed.
Cloud Based Services
SOLARC integrates mobile, desktop, web and third party applications to create cohesive cross-platform systems.
Database Design & Optimisation
Good information is critical to modern business. SOLARC creates databases to meet your specific requirements. We perform database optimisation to maximise speed and the efficiency with which data is retrieved.
Business Automation
SOLARC can transform, streamline & automate your business processes through custom built software.
Hosting & Maintenance
SOLARC ensures that your software & data is securely and reliably hosted and maintained.

To make a custom product you need more than just custom code. Custom software is all about the process that goes into working out what you need to build. You need strategy, a validated understanding of the target problems, design across the product and business processes, technical expertise and passion.

To provide a service which encompasses all of this, across the lifetime of a project, we have become experts at product development. We provide you with the right information at the right time and work alongside you to make the best decisions at every point in the project. We also really enjoy what we do so we are willing to go the extra mile.

The process looks a little bit like this

1. Validate
Complete customer, competitor & market research. Brainstorm and work together to find out what to build, for who, how and why.
2. Design
Time for UIUX. Begin with whiteboarding and wireframing to determine the best user experience. Create initial prototypes & mockups and move on the more refined designs.
3. Develop
Test driven development in short sprint cycles. Continuous communication, transparency and feedback. This is an incremental and iterative process.
4. Deploy
Our apps work at any scale, are fast to deploy and seamlessly onboard users.
5. Support
Host, maintain, update and make the necessary improvement and adjustments.
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    SOLARC excelled at delivering our MVP on time and on budget! I would highly recommend them to anyone wanting to develop an MVP and get things done fast.

    Cherie Tirikatene

    Founder & CEO of Te Kukupa